Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

So Much To Tell!

(And yes, we are back!)

Readers probably already know about the Sean Avery/Same-sex marriage fiasco with Hometown Sports. Here is more information about it.

NHL.com announced the Conference Finals schedule. FINALLY! How long did it take for the Semi-Finals to conclude? Like forty years.

Barry Trotz doesn't want the Predators to forget the semi-finals loss to the Canucks. That will be huge in the 'playoff experience' department.

On NHL Network, they are adding a few new hosts to the On The Fly: Conference Finals shows. One is Marty Turco and of course the other is Kevin Weekes.

Five Philadelphia Flyers need surgery to correct injuries. All significant players as well.

Kevin Bieksa, we heart you hardcore

This is huge: Jaromir Jagr is being pursued by the Pittsburgh Penguins, whether it's for playing or front office, we don't know yet.

Elliotte Friedman gives us his 30 thoughts on the NHL season that was.

There is some movement in the Islanders fight for a new arena. Things are looking positive so far.

Ryan Kesler has to bide his time until the next round and hopefully this time off will be beneficial to him and not hurtful.

Glee star Cory Monteith is a HUGE Canucks fan. Yes, Hollywood needs more hockey. Bring it, Monteith.

The city of Glendale okay'ed a measure to keep the Coyotes in Arizone which is awesome even though it is just for the next season. Somethings better than nothing.

The Colorado Avalanche re-signed Milan Hedjuk to a one-year contract.

This is a preview of the Ryan vs. Ryan Olympics video that will debut at the NHL Awards show

From Shanny: An article about the good of Adam Burish and how he was a welcome addition to the Stars.

The Hockey News writer Ryan Dixon makes the case for the Washington Capitals to trade Mike Green. It's an interesting article.

With Patrice Bergeron out, the Bruins are putting Tyler Seguin into the lineup for his first play off action. Gonna be exciting.

There are reports that Sidney Crosby still hasn't started working out. Oh shut up and stop depressing us even more.

Russia won against Canada in a stunning 2-1 win. We're ashamed of them because after the US blew it, we placed all of our eggs in their basket.

The Tampa Bay Lightning signed Richard Panik to an entry-level contract.

We love Gerry Dee. Here he is at the 2011 World Juniors.

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