Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

A Love Letter To Our Teams

Whether your team is out of the playoffs (like a majority of fans) or your team is still battling away in the playoffs, you love them.

Our teams have 'failed' us this season but we still love them. And this is a love letter to our teams (and yours).


Dear (insert team name here),

I love you.

I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if you’re last in the conference or the league and you haven’t made the play offs in seasons. It doesn’t matter if you always make the playoffs and you’re still in them and are doing quite well.

I love you.

I will always love you because it’s all I know.

You were the first thing in my life that meant something to me that wasn’t family. You were the first thing that I could really count on.

You have failed me time and time again but I can’t quit you. You have put me through awful general managers who run the team into the ground. You have put me through losing streaks that last for almost a whole season.

I have been with you through relocation scares and trades and bankruptcy and scandals.

I have been there through the losing streaks and at games where you have lost 9-1. I have been to the rallies to save the arena and town halls to discuss the fate of the team.

I’ve seen it all and I have been through it all. And I am still a fan and I am still loyal.

There are times when I wish that I could be a fan of a team that appreciates my loyalty. I will admit that. There are times when I want to just ditch your ass and be happy as a fan of a team that wins occasionally.

And I try.

I try to be a fan of a team that will actually appreciate how I stay until the end of every game despite the score and how I never boo them off the ice.

Teams that win and don’t have relocation issues and don’t have their star players go down for extended periods of time.

But I just can’t.

Our love is too strong and my loyalty is too deep.

I can’t turn my back on the first team in my life. They always say that you will never forget your first love, well, you are my first love. I try to turn my back on you and become a fan of a better team but I can’t.

I wish I knew how to quit being your fan but we’re too ingrained in each other’s lives.

You save a seat for me every game and I wear your jersey in support. You try really hard to win and I always cheer you on from wherever I am.

I now know that there are better teams out there for me. There are teams that care more and do more for the fans but you’re what I want.

I love you and I always will.

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