Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Because Some Of Us Need It

This video has us 'lol-ing' so hard all day. Jordan Eberle gets snubbed by the cute girl after accepting his 'best player of the game' award.

At least he smiled through the snub.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Chris Campoli had to have knee surgery and everything went well.

Ryan Ellis was named the OHL player of the year, which is a great honor and he's a great player. Can't wait to see him in a Predators jersey, next.

In case you need a fix of Penguins defensemen play-fighting

Oh just bang each other and end it already, is sex on the ice illegal?!

Shockingly, Alex Goligoski is needed according to his teammates and the staff in Dallas. That means something to the Pens fans that knew he was good.

And apparently, there are people (we refuse to call them fans) who want Patrick Kane traded. Uh, really? That's just stupid.

But if they're willing, then we are. Evgeni Malkin to Chicago for Kane and Viktor Stalberg. Just got pregnant thinking of that trade.

This aired on Versus in October and we've watched it a bunch cause it's really funny

We call bullshit on Jonathan Toews not having any superstitions.

And we know that everyone needs it, the Shea Weber Picspam Part Deux!

Click here for the bearded manly goodness sent to us by Mouthguard who has picture-finding skillz that we wish we had.

Seriously, click the link. You will not regret it.

Also, we started a Tumblr for pictures that wouldn't make sense here or if we photoshopped something that is ridiculous.

the Hockey Junkies go Tumblr

If you have one then please follow us and also, if you can, email us with any tips on how to get the most out the site.

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