Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Semi-Finals: Day Nine

#2 San Jose Sharks / #3 Detroit Red Wings

Sharks still lead series after a 4-3 Detroit win

Detroit is a machine, a well-oiled and never-ending machine that doesn't understand the words 'forfeit'. We all knew that it would go to at least five, Detroit has more class than that.

They came out hard and made life for Antti Niemi miserable.

We forgot who was at the other end of the ice, Hasek? Osgood?

The Sharks are the better team though. They're bigger, faster and have their offense firing on all cylinders. This was just a hiccup in the road to the Cup...maybe.


#2 Philadelphia Flyers / #3 Boston Bruins

Bruins sweep series 4-0 after a 5-1 win

Oh hai Milan Lucic, that's where you've been.

We hear that you like playing with Nathan Horton, is there truth to that rumor?

Looks like it.

Johnny Boychuk scored the game-winner and the Bruins never looked back after that goal.

There were two empty-netters scored and the Bruins crowd at TD was infreakinsane.

The only bad part about this game was the injury to Patrice Bergeron. He was hit by Claude Giroux and went immediately off the ice. This is a huge loss if he is gone for a long period of time.

There are rumors that it is a concussion which is really bad news for the Bruins but we will never know because it's the play offs.

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