Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Semi-Finals: Day Seven

#1 Washington Capitals / #5 Tampa Bay Ligntning

Lightning sweep series 4-0 after a 5-3 win in Tampa

Uh, did anyone expect this? We were thinking a seven game series or something crazy like that with a bunch of OT games sprinkled in. But nothing like that.

Tampa was insane.

Washington tried but not enough players have that killer instinct, especially in an elimination game. When they're up, they're fine but when they're down...

It'll be interesting to see the off-season changes that happen in Washington after another dominant regular season and post-season disappointment.

We have to post this picture from Twitter because it was just too much. We bow to how funny Down Goes Brown is.


#2 Philadelphia Flyers / #3 Boston Bruins

Bruins win 5-1 and now lead the series 3-0

Another series stunner. Who would have thought that Boston would be in this position just a year later? We wouldn't have guessed it.

The Bruins scored within the first three minutes and Brian Boucher was pulled in favor of Bobrovsky after he let in four goals.

It just wasn't Philly's night at all. Everything Boston threw at the net went in it seemed like.

Next game is the most important though. If Boston comes out hard then that's it for Philly.

But if Philly gets the W then it gives them the confidence because of history and scares the Bruins just a little for the same reason.


#2 San Jose Sharks / #3 Detroit Red Wings

Sharks win in another OT game, this time ending in 4-3

Devin Setoguchi to the rescue. He took a penalty in overtime and then prayed to the hockey gods that the Wings didn't score.

They didn't. But he did.

And got the hat trick. What a winner.

And this is why we love playoff hockey.

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