Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Semi-Finals: Day Six

#1 Washington Capitals / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Bolts lead series 3-0 after an insane 4-3 win in regulation

This was literally a back and forth game between two teams who have the offensive power to go head-to-head and not even flinch at a 9-8 game.

But this one ended conservatively with the Lightning holding onto a 4-3 led in the dying minutes of the game.

The way they collapse around the net in both the offensive and defensive zones is enviable when your team doesn't understand what that means.

Tonight is game four, blink and you'll miss the game.


#1 Vancouver Canucks / #5 Nashville Predators

Canucks lead series 2-1 after another 3-2 OT game

Overtime always causes heartburn and it either ends with you jumping around with joy or completely dejected and drowning your sorrows in ice cream and chips.

But that could just be what we do.

The only thing everyone is talking about is Ryan Kesler after this game.

Dude finally got his goal(s) and MouthGuard is blaming Noodles for this Predators loss because she admitted her huge, giant mancrush on Kesler still exists.

It's okay cause we forgive her.

We liked the yellow-out t-shirts. They were definitely something that Nashville would think of, that color. The Canucks didn't like it.

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