Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Semi-Finals: Day Ten

#1 Vancouver Canucks / Nashville Predators

Canucks still lead series 3-2 after a 4-3 Preds win

Hero of the night: Joel Ward.

He had two goals and was a fierce presence in the offensive zone. He's like the super-secret of the Predators who were facing elimination.

It isn't easy to win on the road and after watching the last two games, we were not sure if the Predators would survive.

But they did and they were the more determined team. It was a hard-fought game and Game Six in Nashville should be interesting.



These videos are from Hostess Cupcake and they are absolutely glorious.

It is Patrick Sharp and Brian Campbell at Chicago's Weiner Circle like two days after they were eliminated by the Canucks.

There are some good lines said/screamed in the video. Oh those crazy bastards.

From Shanny: this picture

Oh god, why? Worst shirt ever.

And another 'Will he or won't he' article about the Stars and Brad Richards.

And from Jennifer: an article about the city of Glendale giving the NHL money to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix.

We know that Sean Avery is a very polarizing figure in hockey but we really respect his new commercial supporting same-sex marriage.

It is an important issue and we like that he is brave enough to speak up about it.

Worlds News: Relegation drama tonight. Teams that lose get demoted and teams that win stay where they are. Stay tuned for more.

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