Kamis, 28 April 2011

Semi-Finals: Day One

#1 Vancouver Canucks / #5 Nashville Predators

Canucks lead series 1-0 after a 1-0 win in Rogers Arena


The Canucks dominated from the first face-off and never looked back. It was like a pro team playing a pee-wee team. It just wasn't fair.

"They put on a clinic!" like Bob would say

Man, we miss his antics.

We're calling it jitter for the Preds. Come on, they're a good team. Look for Game Two to be a better, more physical effort from the Predators.

They ain't going down without a fight.

One coach we would never want to cross is Barry Trotz and we can imagine that his team will be better motivated for Game Two.


News and Notes from around the league:

Here is the schedule for the Semi-Finals: Schedule

Get your game-face on!

From Shanny: Tom Gagliardi has agreed to buy the Dallas Stars which is a relief for the fans and the players and hopefully the deal goes through without much issues.

Kerry Fraser attempts to explain to fans the reasoning behind the penalties called on Milan Lucic and Daniel Briere after the hits they delivered to unsuspecting players.

And your Hart Trophy nominees are Daniel Sedin, Martin St. Louis and Corey Perry. We don't like any of the choices, well maybe Perry but uh, that's it.

The Jack Adams awards nominees are Alain Vigneault, Dan Bylsma and Barry Trotz. We are beyond excited. Yay for Dan!

Onto more coach news: Lindy Ruff was given a contract extension by the Sabres. Uh, really? Ooookay.

And finally it isn't Ovi against Sid, FINALLY!

Ryan Miller has admitted that the injury that kept him out of the Sabres lineup toward the end of the season was a concussion. Jeebus, they're everywhere!

Defenseman Shea Weber cannot for the life of him explain why the Predators had only three shots on goal and were totally bewildered as if they didn't know the game started.

EA Sports has their predictions for the semi-finals and they went 8-for-8 in the quarterfinals which is impressive to say the least. We did terribly awful in our predictions but that's to be expected.

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