Selasa, 26 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day Thirteen

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Series tied 3-3 after a 4-2 win for Tampa

Game Seven? Really? We hate every Penguins player ever and blame this all on Sidney Crosby. And the non-existent power play which is getting old really fast.

Okay, rant done.

Steve Downie had a career game.

Somehow he pulled that outta his ass when he wasn't delivering borderline hits.

And Crazy Dwayne played like everyone thought he would.

We're still cracking up at the Chris Conner missed penalty shot.

But we feel bad because we like him. He's a battler.

Is it quitting if we don't watch Game Seven? It's gonna make us too nervous.


#2 San Jose Sharks / #7 Los Angeles Kings

Sharks win series 4-2 in a 4-3 OT win in LA

Joe Thornton scores possibly the biggest goal of his playoff career so far. And slides around like a kid to celebrate.

It was funny.

The Kings didn't play bad but the Sharks offense was just too much.

So many weapons. We commend them for almost going to a Game Seven.

But at the same time, another Game Seven? Jeeeeez, boys. Just lose already.

It still isn't decided who they will play but it is gonna be an exciting series we are sure.

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