Kamis, 14 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day One

#1 Washington Capitals / #8 New York Rangers

Capitals lead the series 1-0 after a 2-1 win in overtime

Matt Gilroy scored his first play off goal ever and the Rangers tried to hold onto that 1-0 lead but it wasn't to be.

Alex Ovechkin drove his freight train into Henrik Lundqvist's crease and didn't let up until he scored.

And in the first overtime, with under 3 minutes left, Alex Semin scored on a rocket shot. Then they celebrated.


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Penguins lead series 1-0 after a 3-0 win in Consol

We are calling Game One the Fleury Show.

He was making save after save and everything was beachballs for the smiling Frenchman. We couldn't have been happier for his shutout performance.

You know it's a good game when Arron Asham scores a sort of wraparound.

And Brooks Orpik crushing the life-force out of Steve(n) Stamkos.


#6 Detroit Red Wings / #3 Phoenix Coyotes

The Red Wings lead the series 1-0 after a 4-2 win in The Joe

Yet again, a one nothing lead seemed like a good idea at the time for the Coyotes but when they couldn't get that scond goal right away, it wasn't.

The Red Wings took over, like they always do and didn't look back.

And of course it was because of Pavel Datsyuk.


#4 Anaheim Ducks / #5 Nashville Predators

Predators lead series 1-0 after a 4-1 win

Shea Weber had possibly the biggest goal of his play off career (so far) with the first goal of the game on the power play.

And Mike Fisher had two goals.

Of course Teemu Selanne scored, he had about sixty-five chances and finally converted on it with under ten minutes to play and ruining Rinne's shutout.


#1 Vancouver Canucks / #8 Chicago Blackhawks

Canucks lead series 1-0 after a 2-0 win

We missed the first period of the game and it was all over by then. They scored their two goals and just sat back.

Versus let us watch the second and third periods which meant we got to see every missed chance, post clanks and frustrated look on the Hawks faces.

Mercifully the game was only 60 minutes, any longer and we would have waved the white flag for Chicago.

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