Senin, 25 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day Twelve

#2 Philadelphia Flyers / #7 Buffalo Sabres

Series tied 3-3 after a crazy 5-4 OT win for the Flyers

This crazy goaltending carousel in Philadelphia is maddening.

You never know who is going to be in nets for the Flyers. And what happened to Bobrovsky? Did he implode somewhere or go back to Russia?

Other than that, the Sabres had a great chance to close out the series and win against the Flyers in their home arena. But they blew it and we had to talk LeTude off of the ledge outside.

It's going to be an uphill battle for the Sabres in Game Seven. They're going up against a team that has confidence in their players and have won series and Game Sevens before.

But the one hope for the Sabres is the shaky goaltending in net for Philly.

We haven't seen Mike Milbury that mad since his Boston days when he was talking about Leighton starting.

PS- Can we put out an Amber Alert for Brad Boyes?


#4 Anaheim Ducks / #5 Nashville Predators

Predators win series 4-2 against the Ducks

Is anyone else as stunned as we are? The Predators made the second round for the first time in since first making play offs in 2004.

And that arena? So loud. Those fans are ridiculous.

During the last ten minutes of the third you couldn't see any plays right in front of the boards because the fans were standing. That's awesome.

We honestly thought that Anaheim was unstoppable and they had all of the momentum coming into this series.

But the Predators were never out of it. Even in the game where they lost 6-3, it wasn't over. The Predators are that kind of team.

Should be interesting to see them in the second round for the first time.

We know Barry Trotz is excited.


#1 Vancouver Canucks / #8 Chicago Blackhawks

Series tied 3-3 after a 4-3 OT win for the Hawks

Another stunner for Sunday.

The Canucks played much better than the previous two games but they still lost.

Corey Schneider was injured but he's fine now and every lead they had was erased by the Hawks.

The Hawks had a huge emotional boost by the return of Brent Seabrook and he looked okay to play which was a huge relief.

Michael Frolik scored on a penalty shot which was the first one in Hawks history.

Dave Bolland made a huge difference again, making the hit to make the play on the Hawks first goal.

And Ben Smith, what a rookie, scored the game-winner in OT, chipping the puck past a prone Luongo.

Onto Game Seven.

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