Kamis, 28 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day Fifteen

#3 Boston Bruins / #6 Montreal Canadiens

Bruins win series 4-3 after another 4-3 OT win

Nathan Horton was the OT hero. And this is after all of that talk about him being a bust for not showing up in the first couple of games.

There was a lot of nastiness between the two teams and bad hits but that didn't overshadow the fact that Boston just played like the better team (which they are).

PK Subban tied the game up and sent it to OT but it just wasn't to be.

The Flyers/Bruins rematch will be interesting.


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Bolts win series 4-3 after a 1-0 win

This whole city is quiet. No one is talking about it, it's all hushed voices and speculations. No one wants to talk about this loss.

As Penguins fans, we knew that it would be an uphill battle without Crosby and Malkin but we had hope that our fearless Captain would be back for the play offs. It didn't pan out and the Penguins left couldn't close out a 3-1 series lead.

Of course.

The Lightning were insanely defensive and if you're a Pens fan then you know how they react to the trap. It's never good.

Now we have to rely on this upstart team to defeat the rested and offensively gifted Washington Capitals. Great.

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