Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day Ten

It almost seems like we skipped ahead a bunch of days because it doesn't seem possible for the Quarterfinals to be ten days old already.

Seems like they just started.


#2 Philadelphia Flyers / #7 Buffalo Sabres

Sabres lead series 3-2 after a 4-3 stunning OT win

The Sabres go back to Buffalo riding a beautiful goal by Ennis and an emotional win in Philadelphia.

The Sabres had the lead 3-0 but the Flyers would not be put into a corner and they scored 3 goals to tie it. Claude Giroux had a great game.

Jason Pominville was injured and so was Jordan Leopold. LeTude, our resident Sabres fan, is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

It doesn't look good from that perspective but there's hope. The Sabres have the momentum going into their building. But the Flyers have experience on their side.

It's gonna be a nail-biter on Sunday.


#4 Anaheim Ducks / #5 Nashville Predators

Predators lead series 3-2 after a crazy OT win at Honda Center

We told you this was the best series out there. (Besides the drama of Chi/Van, duh.)

It's got Bobby Ryan's goals, which are always fantastic.

And Shea Weber blasts from the point.

And a melee after every goal.

The third period was ridiculous and so happy that the bar we were at last night played the game. (There was no need to hear JR anyway...) We only needed to see Jerred Smithson ended it for the Predators in OT.

This is amazing for the Predators and their fans. This is the first Game Five that the franchise has ever won. It is also the first time in franchise history that they can win a series in the play offs.

It's all because of the beard. Seriously, it has to be.

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