Minggu, 17 April 2011

History Takes Every Second

We cry every time we see this but that's because we're big blubbering vaginas when it comes to the Penguins Stanley Cup win in 2009.

Every time, doesn't fail to make us tear up.

If you're bored between games like we get, here are two websites that we found while doing research for a school project.

Satirical Justice >> Hockey.
It's like the Onion for sports with nice photoshop jobs

Hockey History
if you like history (like us) and want to know every little detail about every event in hockey history then just live at this website

Who will be the most hated player in the Stanley Cup play offs?

The picture shows Sean Avery (is he even playing?), Steve Downie (is he even playing?) and PK Subban who you know every Bruins fan hates with a fiery passion.

You can vote here at TSN.ca

And speaking of hate, John Tortorella and NY Post writer Larry Brooks got into it again.

The whole transcript is in this article which we find absolutely hilarious. They should just have sex and get it over with.

Scott Cullen measures the intangibles of players and how they affect a team. The usual suspects were in the top and we were depressed when we saw Ryan Callahan's face looking at us from the article.

Here's the formula for finding the intangibles:
In generating these rankings, the weighting is as follows: .5 x (Hits/Game) + 1.5 x (Blocked Shots/Game) + 2.5 x (Takeaways-Giveaways/Game) + 1.5 x (Penalty Differential/Game) + .1 x (Faceoffs Won-Lost/Game), with a little tweak and that is that I've adjusted the rankings of the Rangers and Islanders because they had a ridiculous disproportion of players ranked in the Top 100 (such is the peril of using real-time stats which are subject to recording bias). Penalty differential numbers come from www.behindthenet.ca.

Holy shit, Cullen.

In Women's Hockey news, the US squad beat Slovakia 5-0 in their first game of the Women's World Championship.

Here are the game notes from yesterday's game.

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