Jumat, 22 April 2011

Quarterfinals: Day Nine

#3 Boston Bruins / #6 Montreal Canadiens

Series tied 2-2 after a 5-4 Bruins win in OT

It only took two minutes into overtime for this game to be decided. Michael Ryder was planted right in front of Carey Price and just slammed the winner home.

The Habs were up 3-1 and couldn't hold onto it. The Bruins just came back and owned their lives in the defensive zone.

And home ice means nothing to these teams. Obviously.

Chris Kelly made a big difference in the game and even scored.

Face-mask and all.

Biggest story though was Andrew Ference and his flipping the bird to everyone in the Bell Centre crowd. We still love it.


#1 Vancouver Canucks / #8 Chicago Blackhawks

Cancucks still lead series 3-2 after a 5-0 win for the Hawks

Duncan Keith had another monster game.

This quote is from ESPNChicago:
And no one is stepping up more in Seabrook’s absence than his best friend, Duncan Keith. With Seabrook’s jersey hanging in Keith’s stall, the Hawks defenseman went out and had his best game of the season with four points while helping the Hawks to a shutout.

And Marian Hossa showed up.

Corey Crawford had the shutout.

And Dave Bolland was everywhere. Things were working out. The Hawks were the faster team and they were hungrier.

And if you think that Dave Bolland's return meant nothing, chew on these stats for a while.
Since Dave Bolland returned to the Blackhawks' lineup in Game 4, Daniel and Henrik Sedin have combined for just 1 point and a minus-9 rating. They had 9 points and a plus-7 rating in the first three games of the series.

But still...cautiously optimistic, say it with us now.


#2 San Jose Sharks / #7 Los Angeles Kings

Sharks lead series 3-1 after a 6-3 drubbing in LA

Uh, where did this Sharks team come from and why are they so dominant now? It was 3-2 going into the third and it looked bad for the Sharks.

But the floodgates broke and a 3-goal flurry in the third was just too much for the Kings to handle.

We feel bad for Jonny Quick because he just gets pounded with shots from everywhere and the Sharks swarm like...well, sharks smelling blood.

It's gut-check time for the Kings.

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