Kamis, 07 April 2011

First To Fifty

Corey Perry scored a hat trick last night and reached fifty goals. He is the first player this season to do so.

We have never been happier for the success of Corey Perry. And in fact, we are quite surprised that he was the first player to score 50 goals this season. It was so quiet and so sudden.

- Colorado Avalanche defenseman Adam Foote will be retiring after this season. 19 seasons and he has a future as a Silver Fox featuree.

- NCAA Title will be fought between Michigan and University of Minnesota at Duluth. It's the perennial versus the first-timer.

- Raffi Torres was suspended for four games after hitting Jordan Eberle with an elbow during a game on Tuesday.

- Henrik Zetterberg is out with a lower body injury and is day-to-day as the Red Wings make their way into the play offs.

- If you can't make the play offs then the next best thing is to play for Canada at the World Championships.

These are the players who are going so far:

Rick Nash
Jason Spezza
Matt Duchene
Alex Pietrangelo
Andrew Ladd
Chris Stewart

Sounds like fun times in Slovakia.

- Brian Murray was extended for three more years as General Manager of the Ottawa Senators. Same can't be said for his coach who is expected to be fired when the season is over.

It's not the coach, Eugene, just saying.

- Now the Penguins are saying that Sidney Crosby won't be ready for the first round of the play offs. Oh my and this post-season is just getting started.

- Speaking of Sid, James Duthie has an excellent article about the intertwining stories of the 2010/2011 NHL season and how Crosby and Matt Cooke are at the center if it.

- Last, we are very sad about the passing of EJ McGuire. He was the VP of Scouting for the NHL and one of the main reasons we liked scouting so much. He had so much knowledge and insight about the sport and drafting. We always enjoyed his interviews and words about hockey. He will be missed by everyone.

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