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Fan Appreciation: Jersey Off Their Backs

Noodles and Henrik were lucky enough to attend the last home game of the 2010-2011 season for the Penguins.

We were seated behind the penalty box with friends and it was an amazing experience. The game was actually a good one which surprised us because it was against the Devils.

Only disappointing part was that Zach Parise did not play. Apparently, he could be done for the season. We were highly upset that he did not play, we were looking forward to it.

After the game, Channel 11's Storm Watch warned us of an impending whiteout in the area effective as soon as the play offs start.

Very clever, Penguins, very clever.

And the Penguins f-ed up big time when they selected someone to get Dustin Jeffrey's jersey when he got surgery on his knee that night.

The girl seemed nice enough but if it was us we would be demanding a Make-A-Wish style make-up from them complete with a date with James Neal.

Even with this hair.

Our friend Nicole, who gave us the awesome seats, took amazing pictures of the Jersey Off Their Backs ceremony.

And apparently it's a difficult process, this giving away of jerseys.

Here are a few of the highlights:

First of all, hockey players are fine to begin with but when they're in suits, like Eric Tangradi and Deryk Engelland then we pretty much faint like women with too-tight corsets.

Second of all, hockey players and kids...

Yes, ovaries are dead.

And last, how we've missed this face.

He's intense even when giving his jersey away.

We were creeping when we saw Craig Adams chatting it up with Brian Engblom who was between the benches.

Wonder if they were sharing hair style tips.

This girl had to have gotten either a feel of Talbot or his phone number.

Look at her face, she totally copped a feel!

Mark Letestu was an awkward little fellow. He didn't know where to put his hands or what to do with the jersey.

Adorable, it was like he was on a date.

Tyler Kennedy's person looked like his little brother.

It's kind of like a family photo.

Oh, Chris Kunitz.

We honestly have nothing against lesbians but he looks like one and we love him, you should know that. Either a lesbian or Elton John, interchangeable right?

Dan Potash pulled Jordan Staal aside to model the Whiteout t-shirts.

And he Jersey shore fist-pumped.

We love him even more now.

The lucky woman who got Matt Cooke's jersey double-fist pumped out of excitement. She is our hero.

It was also nice to see the arena cheer for him and basically show their support for a Penguins player because as soon as he's in a different jersey, it's a different story.

Kris Letang was being his usual creeper self and taking pictures of his teammates while they were sitting on the bench waiting for their names/numbers to be called.

It was a professional camera, must have been someone's from the organization.

Mohawks should be illegal because Craig Adams makes them look good.

If this was us getting his jersey we would hashtag it with #winning.

Eric Godard: strutting his stuff

He even did his hair for the event!

We don't know what it is with Russians and dress pants but Malkin's were about to burst at the seams. Not like we would complain...

Those pants should be illegal.

And of course, the captain.

The arena couldn't have been louder when he stepped out of the runway. It was nice to see him.

Here is video from the Penguins website

All in all, we had a fantastic time at the game and the fan appreciation activities afterwards.

And we want to thank Nicole for the pictures because without them this would be a very boring recap.

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