Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Sam Gagner & Yeah, Other Stuff Happened

The game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers was definitely one for the ages.

The score was 8-4 and Sam Gagner had four goals and four assists.

Yes, that's eight freaking points. It was a magical night and one that we were happy we got to witness on our TVs.

He tied Gretzky and Coffey with eight points in one game as well.

It was also pretty neat to see how many people were also excited about seeing history.

Two things we saw on Twitter was James Duthie pointing out that Taylor Hall had a career-best four point night and it was overshadowed by Gagner's amazing night.

And Gretzky and Coffey texting Gagner after his night. We're sure he was almost as stoked to see those texts as getting the points.

Of course we saw this picture and had to post it here.

(source: themishaps)

And then we took a screencap of the front page on the Oilers website.

Because it's pretty funny and a Killers song.

Other things:

- Minnesota Wild traded Casey Wellman to the New York Rangers for Erik Christensen and a conditional seventh-round pick in 2013.

- Jimmy Howard will be out of the Red Wings lineup after breaking his finger.

- Patrik Elias was fined $2,500 for boarding Mike Blunden in last night's game between the Canadiens and the Devils.

- The Capitals traded Danny Richmond to the Avalanche for Mike Carman.

- Also, LOL Dan Boyle

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