Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

A Musical Tribute to Taylor Hall

Hey folks! It's Curtis, your same old friendly Canadian Consultant with a brand new Canadian name. Who's idea was it to have a Canadian Consultant with a Swedish name, anyway? .........

Anyway. I'm on my bi-yearly pilgrimage south of the border and after about a week and a half Noodles and I should probably be separated, but I digress. Today, we discovered this gem while doing our nightly google searches.

Anyway. It seems that a... group... of local... rappers... wrote a song about the Oilers future Superstar Taylor Hall. It seems to include a dance called the "Taylor Hall", and happens to be titled "Taylor Hall".

Can we just agree that this is the best song ever written about a hockey player? Yes? Ok.

The idea that we couldn't shake is what Taylor's teammate, linemate, roommate, and best friend Jordan Eberle might think of this. No song for him? I mean, he hit the 100 point plateau way faster than Taylor will, is top-10 in NHL scoring, and leads all second-year players this season. How do you think he feels?

I think he'd walk away with a single tear running down his cheek, singing this song- to the tune of "Santa Monica", by his favourite band, Canadian crotch-rockers Theory of a Deadman.

I remember the daaay
I was named to the all-star game,
I went all alone all the way to Ottawaaa.
Hallsy wasn't inviiited,
so why don't I have my own song?
Is it because I wasn't number ooone?

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