Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Wednesday

Damn, you guys make us feel terrible with our choices. We apologize, haha. Now we're scared for the rest of the week so, thanks guys.

We're joking but still hope that you like today's choices.


Mystery Date #1

For this date, he takes you to the drive-in movies. It's a triple-header with a romantic comedy, a cheesy horror movie and the movie that you actually would want to see. You make some awesomely flavored popcorn and he brings the adult beverages and the two of you settle in the front seat of his car ready for some movies. Halfway through the first movie, he turns down the volume because it's so bad and then you guys start replacing the dialogue with your own and making fun of it Mystery Science Theater style.

Mystery Date #2

This date starts out a little omniously. He suggests visiting a psychic and you're like 'WTF' but go along with it. At the psychic shop, she 'divines' that the two of you are madly in love and you guys go along with it. He can't stop grinning at everything she says and you're trying to be serious so he stops almost laughing. In the session she says that the two of you will have many happy years and children but you have to watch out for a dark time in the relationship. After the psychic, he takes you to get ice cream and the two of you laugh about her 'predictions' and make jokes about the entire experience.

So, who do you pick?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

Let us know!

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