Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Friday

These dates are sure to make all of you happy and excited to be going on this adventure with us. We are sure of it.


Mystery Date #1

When this mystery man picks you up in the moring, you're surprised to see that he's got his Grandma with him. You make a 'WTF' face. He hands you a coffee and muffin and shrugs. Then the three of you travel the neighborhood trolling for yard sales. Granny is super pumped about this and brings out her roll of quarters to spend. At the first sale, she convinces mystery date that he needs this awful velvet painting of a clown. He buys it with a grimace and you can't stop laughing. You find some little tchotchke and Granny insists on buying it for you and she is so adorable you can't say no. The next couple of sales go on the same way and Granny keeps buying you things. Mystery man thinks it's hysterical and when you're done yard-saleing, Granny gets dropped off and the two of you go out to lunch to continue this date.

Mystery Date #2

This mystery man invites you to his house where his Grandma meets you at the door. She is decked out in grandma-clothes and a cute, frilly pink apron. She greets you with a sly wink, "Well, aren't you pretty!" as mystery man comes up behind her and shoos her back into the kitchen. He explains that both of his grandmas are there and they're cooking dinner for the date. They wouldn't take no for an answer and now the two of them (both in cutesy country aprons) are huddled in the kitchen. Mystery man hands you a glass of wine and then the two of you sit at the counter and watch as the grandmas bicker and cook. When they're done, they leave the two of you alone to enjoy the amazing dinner they made and watch secretly from around the corner. The two of you know where they are but continue on with the date, laughing and talking and enjoying the delicious food. When dinner is over, the grandmas make you two do the dishes and cleanup which isn't a bad price to pay for the dinner.

So, who do you pick?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

Let us know!

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