Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

News To Ponder Today

In last night's game between the LA Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets, Drew Doughty scored with exactly one second left.

Apparently the time-keeping clock stuck for a second and that's what led to his goal. Or something like that. It's all full of land mines and pointing fingers and unhappy fans.

Here is Gary Bettman's statement on it.

Eric Boulton and Jared Boll were both fined $2,500 for separate incidents.

The Penguins picked up Cal O'Reilly on waivers. Cool.

Interesting NHL on TSN Quiz featuring the question: Who is the best defenseman?

At the Top Prospects game, Team Orr won by a goal with less than 30 seconds left in the game and there were two fights in the game. Nothing like fighting for your draft spot, boys.

Flyers traded Kevin Marshall to the Capitals for Matt Ford.

Jeff Carter is ready to rejoin the Blue Jackets. Just in time for trading season.

Remember the Dustin Byfuglien 'boating while intoxicated' incident from the summer. Yeah, he's probably going to trial for it.

Gordie Howe is doing a series of fundraisers to raise awareness of dementia.

Wanna see some nice flow? Justin faulk from the Hurricanes talks to THN and it's some nice hair.
(Thanks to Shanny for the video)

Macke found this video and it's pretty funny but we only stayed because Cabbie is awesome and we are just huge fans of Taylor Hall's cardigan and t-shirt combo. Boy dresses nice.

Super Bowl 46 prediction from @hallsy04. Our dude @ebs_14 with the camera work! #sb46

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