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2012 Trade Deadline Day - Live Blog

[FYI: we are in Nashville so this will be in CST so suck it up if you're anywhere else]

7:01am - Here is the setup in the living room for Noodles

yes, Red Bull and popcorn for breakfast.

7:02am - Nothing is going on. TSN is telling us the top players that could be traded and the teams that could be in on things.

7:09am - Aaron Ward: solid suit and tie combo.

7:20am - Curtis and I are discussing the merits of coffee and Red Bull to keep you up in the morning while also entertaining ourselves with this video.

Don't know if it's that funny or we just need to sleep.

7:28am - worst roster photo this morning

7:40am - depressing us with the playoff droughts...thanks Duthie

7:46am - some of the tweets on TSN are really funny like "No one on the train thanks #tradecentre"

7:53am - Mikael Grabovski has 29 and 29 last season. Really? He couldn't get either one more assist or one more goal?

Jeez, dude.

8:00am - Jay Onrait.


8:09am - Slooooooooooooooooow but it always is in the morning. We're just warming up, beeeeetches.

8:11am - 'big, thick body' and we start giggling like twelve-year-olds...PS, was not said by Pierre McGuire and yeah, we were surprised about that as well

8:26am - the giggles from the various desks in the TSN studio when a Down Goes Brown tweet about Brian Burke was read were priceless.

8:31am - did anyone else notice all of the papers haphazardly strewn around Mike Johnson's part of the desk? Curtis thinks it's drawing paper with his doodles on it and I just think he's really into today and wants to be the rest of us

8:42am - Terrible-Timing Tater has made a comeback.

This is what I have to deal with during games and important days like Trade Deadline Day. She has no idea how to wait for an intermission or a commercial. Rude.

9:00am - if something doesn't happen soon we will, um, do nothing and keep watching until the day is over

9:11am - Another quality tweet on the tracker: 'traded my desk chair for my couch to watch #tradecentre'

9:25am - Curtis is telling me that Andrei Kostitsyn could be coming to Smashville.

No. Don't do it.

9:33am - TRADE!!!!!!!!! The Kostitsyn trade from the Canadiens to the Predators looks official...details? Probably picks. Wish it was Sergei for Andrei.

9:42am - TSN is focusing on the Oilers right now. Trying to keep Curtis occupied instead of watching it. She's more worried about the weather there.

9:44am - OFFICIAL. Going to Montreal for A. Kostitsyn is a second round in 2013 plus the conditional pick they got in Hal Gill trade.

9:52am - Curtis's hashtags are $$$.

9:53am - Rick Nash doesn't want to come to Nashville?


10:02am - now the tweets in the scroll on TSN are getting depressing and delusional, can't lie and say we don't enjoy their pain.

10:16am - Feels like we are literally on Rick Nash watch right now.

Riiiiiiiiiiiick! Where you going, boy?

10:22am - Ferraro: "Lowest scoring team in the American Hockey league." Pang: "That's a challenge." LOL.

10:21am - P90X commercial on NHL Network.


10:37am - Discussion of the rookies in the NHL today...yes, we know that RNH is the best one out of all of them. Believe me, Curtis has taken me to school about that kid and his stats.

I am a fan.

10:43am - This vest. No.

I'm getting tired and judgmental but it's a terrible vest.

10:59am - 'Danny Hamhuis' sounds super awkward.

11:10am - Brian Burke is being a sassy jerk and James Duthie is not taking it.

It's like an amazing tug-of-war with words and neither will back down. Junkyard dogs.

11:15am - Brian Burke...

11:23am - "Wait, we're the only trade so far today? Shit."
- David Poile

11:37am - We've devolved into making fun of the headshots of the 'Trade Bait' guys that keep popping up on the TSN broadcast.

11:44am - TRADE!!! Mike Commodore was traded to the Lightning for a conditional seventh round pick.

11:54am - Oh my gawd, Curtis is freaking the hell out behind me on the couch. Apparently it's a trade involving Tom Gilbert and Nick Schultz. Still waiting and making sure she doesn't kick me in the head.

11:57am - Curtis is doing 'praise hands'.

Looks like it's straight up player for player.

12:12pm - and now they're talking about who isn't getting traded...of course because there's nothing to do.

12:24pm - DISCUSSION about the one trade that has happened. We're bored with it already, duh.

12:37pm - YESSSSSS! Another trade. Maple Leafs trade Keith Aulie to the Lightning for Carter Ashton.

12:45pm - Things are really starting to heat up...

12:54pm - Daniel Winnick and TJ Galiardi and a seventh round draft pick to the Sharks looks to be a done deal.

12:59pm - Brian Lee has gone to the Lightning in exchange for Matt Gilroy. Interesting?

1:01pm - The Canucks picked up Sami Pahlsson from the Blue Jackets for two fourth-round draft picks.

1:04pm - Keith Aulie is cuter than his roster pic. Curtis thinks so and I agree.

Objectification is what we do best.

1:06pm - The Avalanche get Jamie McGinn and two prospects.

1:07pm - Johnny Oduya goes to the Blackhawks.

1:10pm - Holy mother of Spezza, that was a lot of trades hitting the fan at the same time.

We're ready for a nap already.

1:13pm - second and a third picks in 2013 from Chicago to Winnipeg for Oduya.

1:24pm - How are the Rangers still in the Nash race? If there even is a race. Who know what's going to happen now.

1:29pm - This silence and lack of trades after that shitshow is alarming. It feels like something insane is happening.

1:35pm - If NHL Network interrupts the TSN feed one more time...

DEB! Get your leathery face to learn how to pronounce 'Canadiens' and 'Kostitsyn' before we flip out.

1:37pm - I apologize, it's been a while since I've slept and the rage is settling in.

1:45pm - More discussions. If I was the Flames GM I would have jettisoned everyone. Just called every other GM and been like "Yo, you can have anyone you want. All I want are picks and young kids. Let's do this."

I think I would have takers.

1:47pm - But this is why I am not a GM.

1:53pm - Pierre.

Stop it.

1:55pm - The last five minutes make me nervous. Always.

1:58pm - Bruins acquired Brian Rolston & Mike Mottau for future considerations. Okay.

2:00pm - It's official. Can we take a calming breath?

Let's hope so.

2:01pm - And that deep breath is not taken. Paul Gaustad and a fourth round pick traded to the Predators for their first round pick.

2:09pm - Bruins acquired Greg Zanon from the Wild for Steve Kampfer. Well, alrighty then.

2:15pm - Matt Gilroy looks absolutely miserable in his roster picture.

Holy smokes.

2:19pm - Blackhawks traded John Scott to the Rangers for fifth round pick.

2:24pm - Minor league trade between the Ducks and the Leafs. Dale Mitchell for Mark Fraser.

2:32pm - The Sabres traded Zack Kassian to the Canucks for Cody Hodgson. Don't know all the details yet. Holy shit.

Is anyone else as stunned? Wow.

2:39pm - Looks like Marc-Andre Gragnani goes to the Canucks and Alexander Sulzer goes to the Sabres.

2:41pm - Seems really huge. What a trade.

2:51pm - Pretty sure everything's done. It's been a day, that's for sure.

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