Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

An Apology Of Sorts

So, we want to apologize to our loyal readers for slacking on the Mystery Date Night Fridays.

We're so sorry.


If you can believe it, we completely forgot it was a Friday. And last Friday we were too concerned with the All Star Game to care.

Well, how about this for an apology: a WEEK of just Mystery Dates? In honor of Valentine's Day. And because we're sorry, of course.

Yes, it might include bubble baths and Wayne Gretzky.

But we won't promise anything.

This will all culminate with a special Valentine's Day feature that MouthGuard and Noodles are cooking up. It will be awesome, gruesome and funny. Like always.

Just because you might be single or married or whatever doesn't mean you can't enjoy a pretend date with a hockey player.

If you have an suggestions of who to date or what to do, send them our way. We're accepting anyone and anything this week!

And here is a video to make this a semi-legitimate post.

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