Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Saturday

We were thinking of going out with a bang on this roller coaster week of dates but as it turned out, the posts on VDay will be enough of a bang.

Also, this post is brought to you by sexual frustration and Valentine's Day coming up in a few days.



Mystery Date #1

This mystery man invites you to come to a yoga class with him. You're surprised that he suggested something like yoga but he's cute so why the hell not? When you're on your mat next to him you totally understand why he took you to a yoga class. It's disturbing how this boy can bend. Of course this date ends up in a heated make-out session back at his place. Duh.

Mystery Date #2

This mystery date picks you up for an evening date. He's wearing cowboy boots and the hat to match. He takes you to this nondescript looking bar and leads you inside. The place is blasting country music and people are dancing in step with each other. There are people lined up to ride the bull and after a few drinks, your date joins the line. He shows impressive skill on the bull and it's safe to say that he gets to at least first base after that performance.

So, which date appeals to you the most?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

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