Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Leap Day Videos

- There are eight former and current NHLers who have birthdays today. They're special.

- A curious thing happened during the Stars/Canucks game the other night. Alain Vigneault was losing his mind laughing on the bench and everyone wanted to know why. It was apparently because Vernon Fiddler was giving the Canucks bench his interpretation of Kevin Bieksa's famous mean-face.

Funniest thing we've seen in a while. Seriously, even Bieksa thought it was funny.

- The Panthers were asked what their favorite smell was. It's an odd question but they answer it. Some of the answers are funny and then there's Kris Versteeg.

Can't say that we're surprised he said something like that.

- The Avalanche held their Mile High Dreams Gala the other night and let the players interview each other during the event.

Warning: If you did not like/know/care about Gabriel Landeskog then welcome to his official fanclub after this video. If you are already in the fanclub with us then we meet pretty much every day and cry about our cougar ways and feelings for his face.

- The Carolina Hurricanes are asked what their favorite books are in this edition of 'Ask the Canes'.

Brandon Sutter: yes, Goosebumps all the way.

- The Jets and Twitter. A new way to connect with fans.

Wheeler's Twitter name takes all the awards. As does his dogs' names.

- And now there's a video of a Tyler Seguin rap. Don't know how we feel about this because we definitely think that Hall's is better (but that might be because we've been Inceptioned by Curtis to love him more).

What do you think? Who has a better rap: Taylor or Tyler? It's the new debate.

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