Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Tuesday

These mystery date boys are teammates and the second coming of Shea Weber and Ryan Suter except with a little more attitude.

You know they're bros when you're Google image-searching one of them and every picture has the other in it. Brooooooooooos. We did find a few single pictures. Just a few.

Hope you like who we've picked today.


Mystery Date #1

We hope you like dogs because this date is all about the mystery man's pooches. The two of you walk the dogs to the park by his apartment and stop at Starbucks for refreshments. At the park, you guys talk and laugh while the dogs chase each other and their toys around the park. He's sweet and adorable and when the dogs are tuckered out you guys make your way back to his apartment.

Mystery Date #2

This mystery man asks you out and says that you have to dress up nice. Of course you're excited. In your best dress and high heels, you wait for him to pick you up. He's chivalrous and funny. You go to a Japanese restaurant and as the two of you talk, you realize that he's a little bit of an asshole but a funny one so it's okay. After dinner, he gives you this smirk and then asks if he can kiss you.

So, which date do you pick today?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

Let us know who you picked!

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