Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Thursday

Today's mystery dates are from the same team and we hope that these don't disappoint. We do our best, we swear!

Anyway, onto the dates.


Mystery Date #1

This mystery man invites you to a picnic with a few of his buddies and their dates. It's in a beautiful park and it's sunny out and his friends are super-friendly. You're wearing your best sundress and sandals as he hands you a beer. Then you watch as he pops his own open with his teeth and you're super impressed. There's potato salad and fried chicken and Jello salad and the plate you fill is overflowing with amazing food. The date ends when the lights come on and the mosquitoes start swarming.

Mystery Date #2

This mystery man invites you over to his place for dinner. But dinner consists of bacon, orange juice and pancakes. There are all kinds of awesome toppings for the pancakes, things like whipped cream and fresh fruit and Nutella etc. And he makes the pancakes while the two of you talk about things and he only burns a few of them. You makes some ridiculously delicious pancakes with the toppings and he laughs when you get whipped cream on your nose. The dates ends when you're so full you can't move and he suggests taking a walk to get the digestion going. So romantic.

So, which date is the one for you?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

Let us know who you get!

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