Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Mystery Date: Sunday

Hello ladies, here starts the week of Mystery Dates.

Today's dates features two centers who are not only talented but also lusted after by many, many girls on the East Coast and might have been suggested to us through comments and email.

We hope you enjoy the dates. If not, you know how to reach us.

Okay, onto the dates.


Mystery Date #1

This mystery man invites you out to a sophisticated bar where you get fancy drinks and the two of you chat companionably. You think his feeble grasp on the English language is adorable. And he thinks your laugh is cute. After one too many drinks, the two of you end up at a dance club and things get funky. He's a great dancer (but you're kind of intoxicated) and the two of you dance the night away.

Mystery Date #2

This mystery date believes that he's a romantic at heart and you just think he's adorable for trying. He invites you to his house for dinner which you're not so sure about. But you bring a bottle of wine anyway and are surprised when he has a really good meal prepared for you. Dinner goes great and the conversation is flowing. You have fun, even after spotting the Boston Market containers in the trash.

Now, who do you pick?

Mystery Date #1


Mystery Date #2

Let us know!

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