Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Top Ten: All We Want For Christmas

It's Christmas!

How were your holidays this weekend?

Did you get everything you wanted? We sort of did. But if we were truly getting everything we wanted then this would be our top ten.

Also, what would you like for Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

Top Ten: All We Want For Christmas

10. a very exciting and enthralling Winter Classic game between the Rangers and the Flyers

09. a Reebok O-Stick 8.0.8 Grip Sr. Composite Hockey Stick (said in the Ralphie voice)

08. a Bleacher Creature...do not judge us, you know you want one

07. an NHL-themed Pillow Pet

06. a shopping spree in the NHL Store in New York City

05. NHL Guess Who? and NHL Clue (yes, we made them ourselves)

04. a Twitter account for Pavel Datsyuk

03. for Santa to make our adoption of Joey the Junior Reporter official

02. a healthy roster for every team, especially the ones plagued with concussions

01. a living, breathing hockey player under our tree, DUH

(This list is only for fun, we do not condone abduction or the use of love potions to get a hockey player under the Christmas tree or mistletoe. There is a line that even we do not cross.)


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