Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Date Night Friday: Ryane Clowe

In honor of New Year's Eve coming up we figured that this was as good a time as any to get this Newfie dated by us.

And we like Mouthguard's idea for this date so we're going with that. It's gonna be an intense ride that's for sure.


What's up, ladies? I am Ryane Clowe, with an 'e' so get it right.

This date will start out with me picking you up in my monster truck because that's how I roll, literally.

We go to my favorite pub and get a nice pub meal.

It's greasy and messy and delicious. We wash it all down with beer.

And more beer.

And after two hours, we're drunk as all hell. But it's okay because I can handle my alcohol and obviously so can you. That's why we're dating.

We go to the next bar, next door and just drink even more. We play darts and laugh and cause a scene.

It seems that one dude is unhappy with our raucous behavior and wants 'to go' with me.

So we double-team fight this guy and then have to leave the bar in a hurry.

Instead of going home, we go to the bar down the street and then destroy shit there. Another dude doesn't like the look of me and starts another fight.

This time I fight alone and you egg me on in the background. It's perfect.

After this bar and fight, we finally call it quits. I think I'm borderline blackout and you're getting blurrier by the minute.

At your house, I walk you to your door and as you're unlocking the door I do 'the lean' and give you the best puppy dog eyes I can make while drunk.


Well, do you let Mr. Clowe in?

Did you have fun on this date? Was it something you would do again?

As usual, let us know!

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