Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Date Night Friday: Claude Giroux

Sometimes it seems that gingers are hit or miss in the looks department but Cladue Giroux's always been on our HIT list because he has a cute and genuine smile.

And he's awesome.



My name is Claude Giroux and I am taking you out on a date. Is that cool? So, I think we should go to the movies.

I know it sounds stupid but I think that Christmastime is usually when the best movies come out. There are so many quality films out there and we can pick any one you like. Of course you get first choice and I will see anything.

At the theater, we get Slushies and popcorn and Junior Mints and whatever candy you and I want. We definitely get some weird looks from the employees with our arms full of junk.

The previews are long but we make fun of them for being too dramatic or too weird or too stupid. Then we play a game I like to call "Theater, rent, not even with a coupon" where we rate movies and if we would see them by that scale.

As the movie starts, we quiet down and enjoy the show. About halfway through the movie, our hands may or may not end up really, really close to each other and could hold at one point.

After the movie, we discuss the plot happenings and the twists and what it all means in the end.

We wander to the Starbucks nearby and get some drinks and talk and walk around.

After a while, we go back to my car and I take you home.

While parked outside your house, I nervously ask if we can go out again because I had a great time and I would love to hang out again, you know.


Now, it's up to you.

Do you agree with us and think he is one hot ginger who deserves a second date?

Or no, no, just no?

Let us know.

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