Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Date Night Friday: John Tavares

Shh, don't tell Henrik that we are dating her 'ittle son. He ain't so little anymore and like we say, if he looks old enough to be thirty then he's thirty.

Or something like that.

Well, here goes nothing...


Hello ladies, I'm John Tavares and this will be the date that will knock your socks off.

(blogmaster's note: After that picture, we don't even care about the date.)

I'm thinking an expensive dinner in New York city and then a stop at a bar because I'm twenty-one now and it's a Friday night so we should be out.

I listen to you talk about what you like and what you do for work. Then we discuss what it's like to live so close to New York City but not having to be in the craziness of it all.

(blogmaster's note: If he's talking, we don't hear it.)

It's fun to talk with you and we are having a good time.

Then maybe we can go and do a little dancing on the dance floor. And maybe we can get to at least first base (or second if we're sneaky).

Of course, I like to take it slow.

(blogmaster's note: GO ALL THE WAY, HIT A HOME RUN BOY!)

We get a cab back to Long Island and it's up to you. Would you like this night to end in separate places or ...

(blogmaster's note: WHERE DO YOU THINK WE END UP?!?!?!)


It feels dumb to ask the usual questions at the end. We know that you're thinking what we're thinking (at least we think you are).

But, is it a yes to John's place and a fun but long night


is it a no and you go home alone?

As usual, it's up to you!

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