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Realignment & Other News

As of right now, the biggest news is the NHL Board of Governors approving a four conference league that looks like this

(thanks to Megan and Facebook for the picture).

Here's a link to another picture of the realignment.

And all we've been hearing is people bitching about it. Like usual. One change and everyone's all pissed off about it. Give it a chance before you tear it apart.

Only thing we don't understand is the Florida situation but maybe that will be worked out in some way. This wasn't an easy thing and we can see where they're going with it but it seems a little awkward.

- Victor Hedman was re-signed by the Tampa Bay Lightning to a five-year extension reportedly worth $4 million a season.

Also, has anyone else forgot that he's a large human at 6'6"? We did.

- Another re-signing came in the form of David Krejci and a three-year deal worth 15.75 million dollars.

- Apparently Bobby Ryan is off the market (for now) after the firing of Randy Carlyle and the hiring of Bruce Boudreau.

- David Perron returned to the Blues lineup on Saturday and scored the first goal for them. That's pretty awesome, sir.

- Mike Brown had back surgery and will be out of the Leafs lineup for at least six weeks.

- Mark Giordano is out indefinitely for the Flames after rupturing tendons in his leg. Sounds really nasty.

- The Nashville Predators have a fun way to spend optional skates in the locker room

(Thanks to Mouthguard for the link.)

- There's a new study from Boston University that claims hockey fights could increase degenerative brain disease risk.

- Jordin Tootoo was suspended for two games following his charge and hit on Ryan Miller during Saturday night's game.

- Scott Cullen from TSN has the best and worst of November. There's a lot of interesting stats there.

- In case you wanna see some of the Sabres in Western gear and Cowboy hats, Ryan Miller had his annual Catwalk for Charity and there are pictures.


- Here's some behind the scenes footage of the Tampa Bay Lightning's photo shoot for a local magazine.

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