Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Flyers & Rangers 24/7: Third Episode

This was probably the best episode of so far. There was so much that we liked and thought was worth writing down.

Here is the full episode.

- Episode starts out with Peter Laviolette giving his intermission speech to the team during the Colorado Avalanche game.

- That was also the perfect shootout song, 'On the Water' by The Walkmen.

- The conversation between Laviolette and Giroux was hysterical, especially when Coach says, "Are you kidding me?" and he doesn't sound like he's laughing.

- Rangers family skate! Mike Rupp has the cutest kids. And Landon Girardi on skates was the funniest thing, as are the skates he wore.

- Then Brad Richards' Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

One thing we want to say about it, WTF. Callahan definitely had the best sweater.

- The slow motion of goals is the best part of this series sometimes. When you can see the play happening, it's pretty neat.

- Claude Giroux in Dallas, that suit, shut up.

- Also, what a game he had. Despite the first shift and goal against.

- Giroux's apartment is like concussion-central for rookies Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier.

- The exchange between Steve Ott and Claude Giroux was weird. Giroux didn't seem like he was saying anything bad but who knows?

- Marian Gaborik buying a Christmas tree and carrying it to his place was weird but also very funny.

He was determined to get one.

- Flyers in New York - Coaches eat at a restaurant and the players do mysterious things in the city.

- Brandon Dubinsky: good for every fifteen games.

- Flyers vs Rangers game. Intense. We love how they filmed it and how they built up the tension and showed both coaches behind the benches. It was intense and they filmed it perfectly.

- Brad Richards vs Tom Sestito, lol. "It's fantasy camp for you." LOL.

- Also, Ryan Callahan shows why he's the captain with his questioning of that play during the first intermission. And his goal. What a human.

- What a game.

- Scott Hartnell has the best bachelor pad EVER. We are so jealous. What a place to spend Christmas with all of those games and toys. Awesome place.

- The Ilya Bryzgalov Christmas...weird. And what a strange family but still cute. The dog stealing the food was the best part.

- We want to be a part of the Boyle family. What a happy and funny and adorable family they have. Seemed like such a great and similar-looking family. They're so great.

- The End.

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