Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Flyers & Rangers 24/7: First Episode

If you haven't seen the first episode, it is up on YouTube already.

Here is Part One (of four for the first episode).

We had a few thoughts about the first episode and we shall share them here with everyone.

- Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable when they show the close-ups of the players? Seems really strange.

- Ryan Callahan's outfit when they're showing the Rangers 'commute to work' made us squeal and we believed we were past that phase in our lives.

Apparently not.

- It is clear that Ilya Bryzgalov will be the star of this series. He is batshit crazy and now everyone will know this, not just Flyers (and some Coyotes) fans.

Bryzgalov also had the best lines.

- We love how John Tortorella calls out players. It may be poor form but it helps accountability and we also think it's funny, like a teacher when they get mad at a kid.

- Shirtless players is always a bonus.

Especially when they have an epic Captain death-stare.

- We laughed when the Rangers were with the kids from Garden of Dreams and someone told Henrik, 'Watch your hair, Henke' when they were getting into the limo.

- The Flyers rookies rocking out to Mac Miller was awesome.

Even though we are Penguins fans and that win was at the expense of our team, it was fun to see that celebration in the locker room.

- One of the things that we absolutely love about this series is the access and how we can hear everything. When Dubinsky and Anisimov were in the penalty box, you could hear everything.

Watching games we always wonder what is being said in that situation and now we know.

- Also, Anisimov apologizing was cute. Also, we had no idea his English was that weak. Learn something new every day.

- It may be just us but Brad Richards is ridiculously good-looking.

Especially in street clothes.

- Claude Giroux. We're still upset. But his purple shirt after the injury, yum. Still, we're mad at Wayne. Even if he helps out children who wanna play hockey.

- The Flyers Christmas party was cute. Bryzgalov's son is exactly like him, even the way he rambles.

- Ryan Callahan's family is adorable. Especially grandma. That's exactly how ours talks, except our grandma is a little meaner.

- Now we keep calling Giroux 'G' because it's funny and we like it.

- Also, if you need anyone to talk to Flyers fans, hit us up. We definitely know what it's like to lose your best player to the worst of all injuries....the concussion. It's not fun and it's a terrible waiting game.

Can't wait for the next episode. We hope there are more Tortorella outbursts during games and Flyers rookies dancing.

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