Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Date Night Friday: Colin Wilson

This date may seem a little strange but we think it's a fun idea and something that we may or may not have done before.


Hello, um I am Colin Wilson.

I play for the Nashville Predators and this is the date that I have planned for us. I really hope you like it.

So, I definitely pick you up because my mom would murder me in my sleep if I made you drive on a date. She literally would.

Anyway, we go to a a furniture place like Value City or IKEA and yes, it's weird but just hear me out. Inside the store, we dodge the employees and then try out the furniture.

While we're sitting in the couches and the chairs, we start pretending that we're other people and making up stories and fake lives in the furniture.

In a dining room set, we pretend fight about our son's bad behavior at school and blame each other. "He got his ADD from you." "Well, he's stupid because of you." And the like.

We lay on the beds and try them out. Even the kids' bedrooms and bunk beds. We will probably have to hide from one of the employees on a top bunk. That would be cool.

Or we can find one of the employees and get them to show us around the floor. We can even make up stories about why we need things. Like a couch to burn outside the arena in Montreal. Or a dining room set to 'have a seance' at.

Or something.

When we tire of this, we can go next door to whatever food place is there and order the weirdest and strangest thing on the menu. Because we can and it's all an adventure.

After dinner we can hang out a little more until I take you home. At your door, I nervously kick at the welcome mat as we say our goodbyes....


Did you like this strange yet fun date with Mr. Wilson? Was it adventurous enough for ya?

Let us know!

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