Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Bye-Bye Coaches

As you already know, the Montreal Canadiens fired Jacques Martin.

He has been replaced by Randy Cunneyworth as the interim head coach.

And another one bites the dust.  Does it seem like there are more coaching changes this season than last?  But maybe that's just what we think because, actually no, there has been more firings than normal.

For the LA Kings, they have finally decided on a coach.  It is being reported that Darryl Sutter is the new coach for the team.

Uhhhhhh, what?

This sour face will be coaching the Kings?  Damn.  Everybody's getting serious about coaching up in here.  First the Blues hire Ken Hitchcock who still scares the beejeezus outta us because he's straight serious about winning.  And then Dale Hunter takes over in Washington.

So many serious coaches.

And so many coaching changes this season.

First change was the Blues with Hitchcock taking over for Davis Payne.

Then Washington and Carolina fired Bruce Boudreau and Paul Maurice respectively and in comes Dale Hunter and Kirk Muller.

And Anaheim joins the train, firing Randy Carlyle and then replacing him with Bruce Boudreau.  This change still upsets us because we like Carlyle and it's a shame that he had to get the axe.

Just a few days ago, the Kings fired Terry Murray and are now replacing him with a Sutter.

Then yesterday Montreal jumped on the bandwagon and got rid of Jacques Martin.

By our count, that's six coaching changes before the new year.  By this time last season there was one.  November of last season, Scott Gordon was fired and replaced by Jack Capuano.

One mid-season coaching change.  And we're pretty sure that was the only coaching change all of last season.  The majority of the coaching changes happened when the team's season was over.

Apparently, there's something in the water that these NHL general managers are imbibing.  And it's not Shero-Aid.

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