Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Date Night Friday: Tim Brent

For some reason, we've been hearing his name lately. Don't know who we've been talking to but Tim Brent seemed like a good person to date this week.Also, we enjoy his Twitter.

Hope you enjoy it!


 Hi ladies.

My name is Tim Brent and I play for the Carolina Hurricanes. If you're not familiar with me or whatever, well that's just unfortunate. I am a great dude and this date will be a blast.

 So here's what I'm thinking. I pick you up at your house, duh.
Ladies never drive or pay on the first date, that's the first rule of being a gentleman.

 Anyway, we go to this great Japanese restaurant where we sit at the hibachi table.

And if you've never been to hibachi then girl you are in for a treat. We order and then wait for the show to begin. The show will definitely involve getting sake squirted into our mouths, an onion fire volcano and singing.

 I also tell the waiter that it's your birthday (even if it isn't) and we get the flower cake that's on fire and the disco ball with the birthday song. It's a show that's for sure.

After dinner, we walk around the mall to walk off the full feeling after that delicious dinner. We talk about random things and get to know each other.

 After that, I take you back home.At your door, I ask if it would be cool if we could see each other again.


 As usual, it's your decision.

Did you have a fun time with Mr. Brent? Was it a satisfactory date? Let us know.

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