Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011 Has Better Headlines Than Us

As you probably already know, Artem Anisimov pulled this move after scoring against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

There are three things wrong with Anisimov doing this:

1. He 'aims' at the Lightning's captain Vincent Lecavalier who doesn't do anything ever so why pick him?

2. It's a rip off of Teemu Selanne's famous move.

3. His coach is John Tortorella.

We wouldn't mess with him.

But all in all, we don't think it was that bad. All that hoopla about the move is stupid. Remember when everyone was upset that Ovechkin pretended his stick was 'so hot' after scoring his fiftieth goal?

Stuuuuuuupid. Cellys like that are awesome even if they are over the top and ridiculous. It's emotional but also something that is part of the game.

Also, Anisimov may have gotten the 'hat' but we know that Tortorella was waiting for him in the locker room with a wooden paddle.

That's not something we would want to face.

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