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Flyers & Rangers 24/7: Second Episode

(This is a little later than we planned but hey, it happens.)

Here is the full episode courtesy of YouTube.

- Of course the episode starts out with Henrik Lundqvist having 'band practice' with a former tennis pro.

And of course this episode starts out with our Henrik passing out after seeing that.

- And then they show Dan Girardi's baby who is a chubby bundle of happiness.

Of course our ovaries don't last after that.

- We said it in the last recap but the Flyers rookies are our favorite part of this series. When they have camera time, they're adorable.

When they were talking about playing with Jagr and playing against him with Sega Genesis, we were dying laughing.

- And of course Ilya Bruzgalov stole the limelight again. He was ostracized by his teammates and Jagr practically bust a nut getting away from him at the table. Then he goes and compares his husky to a hot blonde girl. We have three letters for his antics, W-T-F.

- MARC STAAL SIGHTING. Or as we refer to him, THE STAAL BOY!

- Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle are completely co-dependent on each other. It is quite adorable when Boyle asks Prust for help in what shirt he should wear before their game against the Blues.

- On that note, John Tortorella's blow up during the Blues game was AMAZING!!! That's what we're been waiting for for an episode and a half.

- Then, then we get treated to Peter Laviolette's blow-up in Montreal. He gave us a new catchphrase when something doesn't go our way, 'TYPICAL MONTREAL.' The way he yells scares us a little. He's almost as intense as Tortorella.

- It was also nice to see Mike Rupp again.

We love when he starts cursing during game-play.

- The entire story about Liam and John Tortorella made us tear up a little. Actually, we teared up a lot. To care about a team that much and to have someone like John Tortorella care about you that much, well, that's special. It was a beautiful story and we loved that they included it into the episode.

The cynical side of us wants to think that they purposely did that so that John Tortorella would look human but we really don't think so. It seemed like a genuine story, with Tortorella and Liam texting each other about the team and all that.

- The exchange between Claude Giroux when he was texting on the phone and Matt Carle was a little strange.

"Flavor of the month?"

Claude looking adorably clueless, thinking he's referring to who he is texting.

"Concussions. It's what everyone wants for Christmas, I guess. Hopefully I don't get one from Santa Claus."


- Does it seem like Danny Briere needs someone else to help raise his kids? Is every francophone Flyer kid gonna live with him at some point? Doesn't look like Sean Couturier seems to mind though.

- One of the best lines was from Mike Rupp - "You won't get up if I hit you late. You know it too."

- The rest of the episode was a blur of the Flyers and Bruins game and the Rangers/Coyotes game. With Sean Couturier getting beaned in the head with a puck which looked nasty. And Brad Richards scoring with .01 second left. And Scott Hartnell getting super-frustrated. And everyone bleeding.

- And then a smiling Claude Giroux ended it. All is right in the world.

PS- does anyone else love the music that is in this seasons episodes? It's really good.

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