Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

A Letter To Predators Fans

Dear Predators' Fans,

Fans of other teams have always been our greatest enemy and our greatest source of entertainment in opposing arenas.

We've been heckled relentlessly at Wachovia, hit on at the United Center and been told that we're too awesome to be Penguins fans at HSBC (before it was the First Niagara or whatever).

One of our favorite arenas is the Nashville Predators' arena, Bridgestone Arena or as we still like to call it, The Gaylord Entertainment Center because it's a better name.

We love this arena because it is easy to exit and it is easy to get to. Parking is so easy it should be illegal. There is everything right outside the arena, like bars and restaurants and shops. We couldn't ask for anything more.

But what we love the most are the fans.

They're nice and courteous and we were impressed with their passion and knowledge of the game. Whoever said that the game doesn't belong in the South needs their head checked. Seriously.

We were lucky enough to attend the game tonight between the Predators and the Sabres. It was a hard-hitting and chirping affair that catered to our Northern bloodlust more than the Southern hospitality.

The fans around us were so into the game. The woman sitting next to us sang the National Anthem better than the girl singing it. She was all about the players and knew their names and their tendencies.

The fans do chants after goal announcements and breaks in play. There is almost always a 'Let's Go Pred-A-Tors' going somewhere in the arena.

During a commercial break when it was still 2-1, the fans stood up and cheered the entire time. The entire time of a commercial break. We have never experienced that before.

The passion and love that these fans showed for their team and this game made a huge impression on us.

Yes it does help that they've almost always have a competitive and winning team but that isn't all of it. These fans know the game and they have a love for a team that works hard.

Predators fans should know how lucky they are to have a team and to have a team that works hard every night. That's what we love about this team and this fan base.

Only suggestion we have is to cool it on blaming the referees for every penalty. Sometimes it is a penalty so chill. The Predators are good but they're not Lady Byng material.

Anyway, we just wanted to let everyone know how awesome Predators' fans are and how much we enjoy the arena and the fans. We had a great time and it was a great game to see.


The Hockey Junkies

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