Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

ASG Letdown & Other News

- Update on Sidney Crosby. Good news but we won't be satisified until there's an announcement that he's playing in that night's game.

- So, on TSN they talked about who they would pick for the 2014 Olympics....already? Talk about an ASG letdown.

- Columbus is hosting next season's All Star Game. Yep, we're going. Nothing will stop us.

- Some All Stars discuss their favorite moments from the past year

- We found two articles, one about Shea Weber's emergence in the spotlight and Ryan Suter talking about contract negotiations.

- The Carolina Hurricanes signed Tim Gleason to a four-year extension.

- Flames traded Brendan Morrison to the Chicago Blackhawks for Brian Connelly.

- Panthers traded Tim Kennedy to the Sharks for Sean Sullivan.

- Other trade rumors discussed here.

- The Fame Makers from Funny or Die try to make the LA Kings famous

- Also thanks to Joann for this picture.

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