Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Neglected Twitter Bromances

After last week's post about the Twitter bromances that we love, we received a few emails and suggestions about who we forgot.

They were all from Sharks fans. Kind of. But we apologize for forgetting these. We really, really do.

And we just want to thank everyone for not yelling at us for forgetting quite a few awesome ones. We're sorry.

We do our best.

Anyway, here are the rest of the ones that we forgot.


Ryane Clowe(@ryaneclowe29) and Brent Burns (@Burnzie88)
"@Burnzie88 is the fourth Hanson brother. Brings a bag full of toys on the road #slapshot #puttingonthefoil #regdunlop"

"Be nice to dragons @ryaneclowe29 ! Skylanders 1- #clowe 0 .. "

and then Jim Vandermeer(@Jim_Vandermeer) gets involved
"@ryaneclowe29 @burnzie88, look at the pic I managed to get. At least he's not playing with himself #justabigkid"

(thanks to Maddie for the research)

Logan Couture(@Logancouture)-Jamie McGinn(@jamiemcginn64)-Jason Demers
(Exhibit A)

Logan Couture(@Logancouture)-Jamie McGinn(@jamiemcginn64)-Gordon Ramsay(@GordonRamsay01)
(Exhibits B & C)

Logan Couture(@Logancouture)-Jamie McGinn(@jamiemcginn64)-Food, Just In General
ridiculous photos on their Twitters of food and shit they're eating

(thanks to Mouthguard for these neglected bromances)

Viktor Stalberg(@VStalberg) and Jack Skille (@JackSkille)

Also, we found evidence of a Viktor Stalberg (@VStalberg) and Tyler Bozak (@bozie42)bromance

(thanks to Jennifer for the suggestion)

Also, does anyone think that NHL players overuse the hashtag? Like is there a necessity for three hashtagged items in one Tweet?

Just an observation.

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