Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Winter Classic 2012 Aftermath

We honestly did not care who won, because well, it's like damned if we do and damned if we don't as Penguins fans.

Sounds lame but we just wanted a good game. And thankfully that's what we got.

It was fast and hard-hitting and had quite a few goals. The game was also exciting with the penalty shot and the goals back and forth.

Our favorite parts of the game are easy enough to figure out:

- Dan Girardi's roll call

very, um, involved we have to say and now we have new nicknames for a few of the boys...Ryan 'always do it the right way' Callahan.

- the anthems were very moving and we couldn't stop staring at the beautiful boys in their pretty uniforms...we're girls, forgive us

- Brayden Schenn's first NHL goal scored at the fifth Winter Classic?

Really? Some people are just lucky.

- Then Claude Giroux scored.

And you should know how we feel about this little ginger snap so when he scored, we celebrated with a shot of wine.

- The hitting. This was an intense game between 'bitter rivals' as everyone keeps reminding us but is was true. You could feel the animosity and hatred between the two teams.

- Mike Rupp.

He may not be a Penguin anymore but that doesn't mean we don't love him because we really do. It's sad but we can't help how much we heart his stupid face.

- Two goals from Rupp. Yes, sweet baby J, that's what we like to see.

It was like he channeled Sidney 'big-time goal scorer' Crosby and went out there and took over the game.

- And who got the game-winner? Oh, Brad Richards. Of course he did!

What a goal.

- The last five minutes were edge of your seat intense. It was really good hockey and exciting.

- The Briere penalty shot.

We were definitely biting our nails.

- Henrik Lundqvist's heroics. What a goaltender. What a human.

- This was definitely one of the best Winter Classic games that we have seen and we loved watching every minute of it.

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