Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Mystery Date Friday - Friday the 13th Edition

Remember how this shizz works, ladies? Good cause here come the dates. They are both players who wear the number thirteen which was one of the hardest restrictions we have put on ourselves when doing a date night.

Not a lot of good looking 13s.


Mystery Date #1

For this date, we think that this #13 would find some perverse joy in making you dress in all black then waiting for nightfall before taking some of those window paint markers and drawing obscene things and bad words in his native language on the cars of his teammates. After you deface quite a few cars, the two of you head to a twenty-four hour diner and then laugh about what you did.

Mystery Date #2

This date is going to be cute through and through. This #13 invites you to his house where you guys proceed to make homemade ice cream with whatever flavor you want and any combination. While the ice cream is freezing, the two of you watch some cheesy romantic comedy. After the movie, he brings out every toppping imaginable you you guys make disgustingly awesome ice cream sundaes you dub 'the kitchen sink'.

So, who is it gonna be ladies?

Is it gonna be Mystery Date #1?

Or will it be Mystery Date #2?

Let us know who you get!

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