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Mystery Date Friday - A New Chapter In DNF

After almost four years of Date Night Friday, we felt like we were running out of ideas and players that were suitable to date.

We tried re-inventing it but it wasn't as successful. But we're going to try it again, this time as a favorite game of ours when we were younger.

Mystery Date.

If you've never played Mystery Date, well the rules were basic. There was a Door and you had to spin the handle so many times and it would open to a date. Hopefully it would be date you wanted and not some schlub.

Well, we decided that we could do this with Date Night Friday. We can recycle players we've already used for the original Date Night Friday and put them in different date situations this time around.

The rules are simple.

Every Friday you will be presented with two dates, two completely different scenarios and then have to decide which date you would rather go on.

We can't tell if you cheat but if you do, just remember, baby Jesus doesn't like cheaters.

After you have read both dates and decided on which one, there will be a section after the dates that will have the selection.

We have a practice scenario here so let us know what you think...

Mystery Date #1

This date will revolve around going outside and making a snowman and having an impromptu snowball fight. After playing in the snow and making snow angels for a few hours, the two of you go back inside and he makes you hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows in it.

Mystery Date #2

This date involves going to the bowling alley with a case of beer. You both try to chirp the other about how good you are before bowling so he makes up new rules. The new rules involve bowling with only your non-dominant hand and see how many points the two of you can rack up while also drinking the beers.

If you pick Date #1, click here.

If Date #2 is more appealing, click here.

So, did you like this? Who did you pick?

Were the dates good and did you like the set-up?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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