Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Really Mr. Hall? Not Cool.

- How this is huge news, we have no idea. But when we first heard about Taylor Hall getting cut on the forehead with a skate we were like "Oh really? What an idiot."

Here's video evidence

What a clusterfuck of players.

Then we heard that he had 30 stitches. And it was above the eye. Man, that's serious. And we felt bad for making fun of his pony-ish ways.

And now there's people saying that players need to wear helmets as soon as they hit the ice no matter when or why they're on it.

Our opinion (in case anyone cares) is this: Okay, freak accidents happen but that doesn't mean we have to blow up the system to fix a little bug. Slow your roll, pundits.

Other news that caught our eye:

- Just when the Wild were becoming something that the NHL talking heads too notice of, Mikko Koivu gets injured. He will be out for a month with a shoulder injury. That means no All-Star game which seriously blows. We're super disappointed.

- Nick Lidstrom will be up next on 'NHL 36'. We can't complain except you know it will be filled with his perfection and therefore a boring half hour. Doesn't matter, you know we will still watch it.

- Blake Wheeler was hit in the throat by a puck a Devils forward. Sounds brutal. He missed the Jets' game on Monday and could be out longer.

- More injury news: Mike Green had to have abdominal surgery and could be out longer than expected. Not good news at all.

- Ryan Suter was injured in the Predators game against the New York Islanders and did not play against the Rangers tonight. It is being called an 'upper-body injury' and the Predators do not need him to be out right now.

- The Florida Panthers will be without Ed Jovanovski for two months after sustaining a hand injury and having to undergo surgery to correct it.

- The captains for the All Star teams have been named and neither are really a surprise. Daniel Alfredsson from the Senators and Zdeno Chara from the Bruins.

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