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Flyers & Rangers 24/7: Final Episode

Here is the full episode:

- Let's just get this out of the way: best episode of this series and the previous one. Seriously. The pacing and additions were perfect. Everything about this was perfect.

- Ilya Bryzgalov's honestly is refreshing even if it is scary in some ways.

- Of course a huge deal is made of Talbot and Jagr returning to Pittsburgh. Whatever, we don't really care that they didn't sign with us. It happens and we wish that the media would just LET IT GO.

- Brandon Prust's funny is totally underrated. "I think you have very pretty eyes. I don't know why you don't show them off." Sean Avery does not approve.

- The Rangers video session. John Tortorella reminds us of that one teacher in high school who was a tough SOB but everyone respected him. But we don't think that teacher would have an almost meltdown when the video didn't work.

That was a scary moment for everyone. We thought Tortorella was going to bite someone's head off.

- The concussion brothers are back for the Flyers. Does anyone else think Sean Couturier's missing front teeth are so endearing?

- "Fucking spear there. Right in my fucking penis." Really, Max? What a quote.

- The Penguins/Flyers game was depressing and re-living it in the series isn't any better. It sucks when our team loses to a division rival.

- We're gonna miss seeing John Tortorella in the locker room. He has probably the best speeches and motivational words of any coach.

- LOL at the audio at the end of the Rangers/Panthers game. So many f-bombs.

- Also, the bromance between Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle is so adorable.

- Ryan Callahan's prank on Marc Staal was just cruel. But oh so funny. It looks like he's the butt of all of their jokes.

The Ginger Staal has no friends.

- Wayne Simmonds: suck it up, you are a hockey player. That being said, if it was us we would be freaking out but we're girls, not hockey players.

- The Rangers family celebrations in their hotel were awesome to see. Especially Dubinsky's grandfather, duh.

So cute.

- Flyers and Rangers practices. Lovely.


- Liam Traynor sighting!!!

- The actual game was filmed beautifully. The different viewpoints were perfect and we liked the mic'd up portion. Especially the referees.

- Giroux asking Henrik to give him one was hysterical. We were actually cracking up when we heard that.

- Also, Giroux was intense with the chirping. Intense. He was a little SOB the whole game.

- To Brayden Schenn: "Hey we're not in the fucking World Juniors here, jumping in the glass." LOL.

- About the Rupp salute: "He says if he scores, he does the Anisimov. Shoot the goalie?"

- But when Giroux actually said "Second goal in his fucking career" about Mike Rupp we were stunned. Do you not know that Rupp scored the New Jersey Devils cup-clinching goal in 2003?

We were actually stunned when he said that.

- But it's okay because Rupp answers with the game-tying goal.

- The obscenities after Callahan and Timonen were called for penalties, LMFAO. So crazy.

- The penalty shot: HOLY DRAMA. Also filmed beautifully with the perfect music.

- Does anybody know who told the Flyers or who said for them to get off the ice? We couldn't tell and were wondering.

- Sergei Bobrovsky looked like he was on the edge of a cliff.

Poor kid.

- Mike Rupp in the Broadway hat? Yes.

- And all we have to say is BEST ENDING.


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