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2012 All Star Rosters

If you haven't seen the rosters yet (you shame us if that's a yes) then here they are!






While this roster has been picked by people who obviously don't know good hockey players if they hit them in the face (we're kidding), we decided to pick our own teams. The All Star teams of our hearts.

Well, the six starters at least.

(We told her that she needed a top six but she believes in John Tortorella's old mantra 'Safe is death' and doesn't want a defense...)

James Neal

because the bitch is fabulous and can score dem goals like a pro

Patrice Bergeron

he's perfect and flawless, think of a time when he did something wrong..that's right, he hasn't

John Tavares

despite the awful team he is on, he's still an All Star

Ryan Callahan

best captain in the league (when Crosby is out, duh)

Torrey Mitchell

more for his good looks than anything else

Henrik Lundqvist


(We had to tell her not to pick all defensemen but couldn't stop her when picking a goaltender)

Kris Versteeg

because he can sing the national anthems before the All Star game

Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall

either or, they're both winners and borderline ugly but we're slightly fascinated with them

Colin Wilson

he may be an airhead but he's still a pretty good hockey player...sometimes

Ryan Whitney

get him out there on crutches or a walking boot or a walker fitted with tennis balls, whatever, just get him out on the ice

Jack Johnson

JMFJ will eff shit up on the blueline, that's for sure and we know he would bring some beaver tails back to LA for Drew Doughty

Kevin Bieksa

the ultimate Mean Girl; he would tweet at Ryan Kesler about how the ASG is such a joke (but secretly love it)

Who would be on the All Star Team of you Heart?

Let us know!

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